Did I read that right? Tupac Shakur and Pink Floyd in the same title of the song? Ok, I was intrigued but extremely skeptical. Leave it to the guys of Capital Cities to turn me into a believer. Their interpretation of Breath, from Pink FLoyd’s infamous The Dark Side of the Moon album, is surprisingly refreshing. With a cleaner instrumentation, brighter melodies and pitch perfect vocals, Capital Cities pays tribute to a classic in the most honorable way. Not to mention Tupac lends a couple of verses increasing the awesomeness of the track. Is it just me or every time I hear Tupac I can’t help but to think about the famous skit from Dave Chappelle?

A chill and modern rendition of a classic with a beautiful and welcoming twist. You can download more music from Capital Cities off their facebook.

Breathe (Pink Floyd cover).mp3

’Breathe (Pink Floyd cover).mp3′
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