Mashups have saturated Soundcloud in a haze that is impenetrable and inescapable, a blanket that muffles any true musical astuteness or expertise. To be honest, when I see the word “mashup” I groan, envisioning “Levels vs. [Insert Swedish House Mafia track here], a veritable EDM hell. However seeing Laidback Luke’s moniker next to the dreaded word immediately piques my interest.  Nicky Romero’s infectious “Toulouse” melds well with Solveig’s vocals in “The Night Out” while Laura LaRue’s “Un Deux Trois” provides the meat of this big room banger. What truly makes this mashup refreshing is that it feels whole and complete, not haphazardly thrown together with no regard for consistency or continuity. Three insanely catchy tracks mixed by one insanely legendary DJ? Sure, we’ll take it.

Martin Solveig vs Nicky Romero vs Laura LaRue Night Out UnDeuxTrois Toulouse (Laidback Luke Mashup)



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