Every time the word Mashup Masterminds pops in my head (the few times it does) I can only think of The Hood Internet. The Chicago-based duo specializes in mashups of hip-hop (from the mainstream to the underground) with indie rock…. and they are quite GOOD! The blogophere not only loves them for shining a light into indie music but amount of quality mash ups they put out every week is short of amazing. Their latest wonder is the fusion of M.I.A.’s sharp witty vocals with the calming melow pop tunes of Vampire Weekend. Enjoy!

The Hood Internet -Giving Up The Sunshowers (M.I.A. Vs Vampire Weekend)


The Hood Internet – The XX Gon’ Give It To Ya (DMX Vs The XX)


The Hood Internet – None Shall Get Up Get Out (Aesop Rock Vs. The Rosebuds Mash-Up)


And two of my 2009 Favorite

The Hood Internet – Comfortable Up Here (Lil Wayne Vs Royksopp Mashup), Remix

’ABX – Comfortable Up Here.mp3′

The Hood Internet – Make The Loop Say Aye (OJ Da Juiceman Vs Discovery)


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