Glendale California’s mAsis enters the dojo with a brand new single that you get a first listen to. This Music Ninja Premiere is for “Skin,” a soft, seductive song that the trio is ending the year with. With such a strong record, the trio closes out the year in a big way and sets themselves up for a nice segue into the new year.

mAsis has already received acclaim from such outlets as BBC Radio 1 and Nylon – just to name a couple – but it is safe to say they’re going to be adding a ton of others with “Skin.” Sonically, the single is in between several genres; it is marked as simply under the branch of electronic, however it takes influence from a number of styles. Instead of picking those apart, we’re going to focus in on the incredible vocal performances you’ll come across. Although the instrumental is amazingly dreamy to the point of intoxicating, the vocals are what really make “Skin” what it is.

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