Sound Remedy is becoming the new dance nomad, and while Bassnectar strongly holds that title, it is clear this Los Angeles producer has evolved with every single release. It is almost unprecedented the musical growth Sound Remedy has achieved since his very first release and today he teases the world with another experiment. Trap music is becoming a controversial genre, like most new sounds, attracting a lot of criticism from all sides of the spectrum. And yet every day it is finding strength from well known producers (Dillon Francis, Diplo, Bassnectar). Sound Remedy takes the thrilling melodic note progression from “Baptism” by Crystal Castle and layeres it with seductive bassline that is sure to convert many non-believers. Packing enough swagg (a term I am trying to not use often) he delivers another amazing remix.

’Crystal Castles – BAPTISM (Sound Remedy Remix)’
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