This is seizure music at it’s absolute best, Knife Party for the win. This “Rage Valley VIP” is ripped from their Mix Of The Week for MixMag that was released a few hours ago. They start off with a new euphoric melody, then a creepy sample that talks about zombies. No one had the balls to remix this track so KP went ahead and did it for us, reworking it in all the right ways. Adjusting the drops and tweaking the wobbles to allow everyone to once again fall in love with “Rage Valley”.

Also make sure to check out their entire Mix for MixMag titled, “Clever Title Like Deadmau5 Would Use Mix”.  It features 19 brain scrambling tracks and you can check out the whole Tracklist, by clicking here. Cheers.

’Knife Party – Rage Valley (VIP)’
’Knife Party – Clever Title Like Deadmau5 Would Use Mix’ for MixMag
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