From the vibrant shores of Croatia to the pulsating heartbeats of tech house arenas worldwide, Matroda’s ascent in the electronic music domain is nothing short of meteoric. Steeped in the rich legacies of music legends such as Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra, and The Beatles, this multifaceted artist blends classic influences with a futuristic vision, underpinned by his rigorous classical training.

However, to truly fathom the depth of Matroda’s sonic odyssey, one need not look further than his seminal EP, Jack The House 4. It’s a epic illustration of sorts – encapsulating his evolving narrative. The EP commences with “My Mind,” an audacious blend of classic house vocals and powerful basslines. The journey takes a mellifluous turn with “Can’t Fight The Feeling”, a harmonious blend of piano chords and deep vocals. The near all-instrumental “I Want It” serves as a testament to his artistry, followed by the gritty vibes of “In The Air”. “Pump Up The Volume” electrifies with its vibrant chords, while “Talk To Me”, in collaboration with TOBEHONEST, sums up the EP’s well-crafted nature.

Amidst this sonic brilliance, accolades have naturally followed. With a glittering past that includes remixes championed by the likes of Diplo and Calvin Harris, and chart-topping tracks such as “Disco Tool”, Matroda’s trajectory is undeniably upward. Here’s to the ‘matrodasound’ – a unique blend, an unparalleled journey, and an unmatched future.

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