There is a lot of questionable activity that happens in the online world, but nothing cheeses me off more than when someone blatantly steals someone else’s work to claim it as their own, especially when it involves a production as high calibre as this. I can’t fathom how someone can attempt to build up their own profile off the blood sweat and tears of a fellow artist. That is one seriously messed up moral compass. We recently featured an epic mashup involving the sampling of 100 songs in 6 minutes, which we mistakenly believed to be “Electrology” by Garrison Snyder. This was in fact a stolen track from veteran producer Damian Kotwica, released under the name of one of his musical aliases Nishin Verdiano and correctly known as “Musical Revolution”. Damian brought this to our attention himself, and we sincerely apologise to him for this mixup. As music bloggers, our two main aims are to first and foremost shed light on the work of incredible producers out there, and secondly provide all you guys with a steady supply of amazing tunes. That primary goal will never be compromised by the latter, and Damian deserves all the recognition he can get for this stellar production. So, to set things straight, we encourage you to erase the stolen track from your libraries and snag the true version below.

On that note, this post is actually quite timely in that we were just about to call attention to Nishin Verdiano for his recent remix of “I Remember You ” by Danilo Garcia. The vocals from Laura Brehm are absolutely gorgeous on this one, and Damian compliments this with equally stunning buildups and breakdowns layered throughout. That alone was enough to grab our attention, but the addition of that drop completely blew us away.  If there is a better musical manifestation of beauty and the beast contained into the one track then I’d like to hear it. Full props to Damian for both these productions. We’re sure this will be the first of many features to come.

’Nishin Verdiano – Musical Revolution (Mashup)’
’Danilo Garcia feat. Laura Brehm – I Remember You (Nishin Verdiano Remix)’
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