Crywolf (Official)
Eyes Half Closed

When it comes to originality and emotive resonance, Crywolf is our go-to artist whenever we desire some peace of mind. There isn’t a single song of his that doesn’t make us want to call up our exes and cry them a river about how important they used to be at one point in time. Well, maybe not all of us, but that’s the kind of feel we’re going for right now.

Yesterday, Crywolf pierced our hearts with an earth-shattering new original track titled “Eyes Half Closed.” We decided to listen to this one with our eyes closed to see if it made any difference in our analysis; not only did this song trigger an influx of tears to pour out from underneath our eyes, but it also gave us a moment to collect ourselves and let the lyrics seep into our souls. Crywolf’s soothing voice, accompanied by the remarkable production techniques, are the driving force of this song. Each melodic breakdown sends us all into a state of melancholic nostalgia in which we ponder every pivotal moment of our lives up until this point in life. We recommend grabbing the box of tissues for this one, because you might encounter a heavy dose of some serious feels.

Crywolf generously decided to give this single out for free in lieu of his upcoming EP, Angels, that will be out on April 29th. “Eyes Half Closed” is just one of six songs off the stellar album, which promises to change the way you listen to music from here on out. So turn up the volume, close your eyes, and drift off into a state of elation.

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