I Am Oak
On Trees and Birds and Fire (Sam Feldt & Bloombox Remix) [Available September 8]

As the day carries on and the work load begins to pile even higher than normal, it has become evident that even ninjas can be in over their heads with the demanding forces around us. Luckily we know just how to cure these overwhelming times of stress with music to calm our nerves and bring us back to reality. One of our go-to TMN artists, Sam Feldt, just unleashed his latest remix with Bloombox in which they took on I Am Oak’s indie tune, “On Trees and Birds and Fire”. What we have come to love about Sam Feldt and his work is that he continues to push his sound with each and every song he puts out – and kills it every time. Don’t you remember his “Guitar” remix? If not, then do yourself a favor and click this for magic.

We aren’t too familiar with Bloombox’s productions, but considering him and Sam just nailed this I Am Oak’s remix tells us that maybe we should keep him on our radar as well. Just know that as soon as you press play, you will be welcomed with a lovely music box melody, a folky banjo, and a trumpet to get your body movin’. There is nothing more pleasing than the soothing sensations of melodic house during times of stress. So thanks Sam and Bloombox, we appreciate these calming vibes.

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