John Legend
All Of Me (Kasum Remix)[FREE DL]

John Legend has to be one of the most difficult people to remix. Having one of the best voices in the industry, taking on “All of Me” has to be a daunting task for an up and coming producer. That’s where Kasum steps in.

This NYC-born, Boston University student has a lot to balance already. Back when I was in college (which I won’t divulge just how long ago that was) I had a hard enough time managing my schedule with classes alone. Somehow this Sophmore found a way to put his spin on a legendary track, and did so in a way that’s ultimately extremely complimentary to the original.

Utilizing the existing piano work and Legend’s voice, Kasum crafted a melodic dubstep tune that charges with emotions. The added drum work brings in anticipation and a little bit of aggression for the razor sharp synths, which gives this tune larger-than-life feel that will get playtime across the blogosphere for months to come.

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