Tor The CN Tower Can Work It Out (Final Fantasy F. Q-Tip

This one-off remix samples the stuttered rhodes, vocals and strings of Toronto Violinist Final Fantasy’s track ‘The CN Tower Belongs to The Dead’ and mashes it up with the acapella ‘Work It Out’ from legendary MC, Q-Tip.

Many times two songs might go well together but often still sound like they are 2 different shoes walking at the same pace. Tor has delicately interwined these two tracks to produce a much unified result. I am completely blown away by this masterpiece of mash-up because not only is it technically flawless but it is a melodic machine of soft intstrumentals paired with soft digestable rhymes from ‘legenday’ MC, Q-Tip.

Tor -The CN Tower can work it out (Final Fantasy f Q-Tip)

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