Phoebe Ryan
Mine (Illenium Remix)

The internet just can’t quite get enough of up and coming singer/songwriter, Phoebe Ryan, and all that resonates from her voice. We’ve been hooked on her since day one, believe it or not. Now that everyone and their mom has swooned over this pop sensation, we have been forced  to brace ourselves for the plethora of Phoebe Ryan remixes that have been slowly making their way to the surface. One such artist that never, EVER, fails at making us feel things from the bottom of our blackened hearts is Denver native and TMN favorite, Illenium. The melodic producer won us over with his most recent remix of Dawn Golden’s ‘All I Want’, and blew us into a field of purified synths and haunting melodies that continue to linger around us to this day.

Today we are excited to share with you the latest from Illenium and his take on Phoebe Ryan’s, “Mine”, and we guarantee this is perfection at its finest. From the moment you press play, you’re introduced with charming chopped vocals, beautiful piano undertones, and uplifting builds that burst with every synth stab and kick. We can’t seem to keep our fingers off the repeat button, so gear up for another elevating remix from Illenium because the melodic master will captivate you like never before. So make sure to grab your free download and soak your soul in a tub of holy water because lord knows you’ll need to cleanse yourself after hearing this gem.

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