Long Time No See (feat. Atu)

Following Ta-Ku‘s Songs to Break Up To, the Australian artist of multiple mediums took some time away from music to express himself through other avenues, particularly stunning photography and hilarious Snapchats. Much to the delight of fans, Ta-Ku’s ready to craft sonic beauties once again with his upcoming, aptly-titled Songs to Make Up To. After the last stunning, JMSN and Sango-featuring single, “Love Again,” he’s back with another gem from the project this time teaming up with Atu, a master of downtempo, heart-wrenching production.

On “Long Time No See,” the two slow-jam connoisseurs draw you in with deeply emotional piano and a signature Atu vocal sample. When combined with steady head-nodding, hand-clapping percussion, the track fully immerses the listener into an unmatchably calm soundscape. Once you’ve been fully drawn in, a soothing bass vibration ties everything together melting away pain and stress.

Ta-Ku recently gave a TEDx talk in Sydney where he discussed his artistic journey and the reason for his hiatus from music. Unsurprisingly, Songs to Break Up To was written after a heartbreak in his own life leaving him at a loss for musical expression after its release. In his talk, he discusses how he coped with this by turning to other creative outlets before finally being ready to put his upcoming project together–it’s sounding like it’ll be well worth the wait. Songs to Make Up To drops on June 12th and can be pre-ordered now here.

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