Are you ready to dive into the depths of the metaphysically unknown? Do you question reality of governments, monetary systems, the universe and what really created all of this? Do you ever wonder if you can alter people’s perceived reality into a particular realization? If you answered yes to any of those, you’re in good company with this brand new artist. When we say brand new, we mean brand new. This is his first official release.

Coming somewhere out of a bunker deep in the mountains (we actually have no idea where he/she/they lives) Mimic just dropped a bass-heavy tune called “Ava” which features a Star Wars style soundscape that would be an absolutely perfect fit for a planetarium laser show. When you couple in the gritty, dubstep synths and eerie vocal samples, Mimic creates a real mind-fuck, one worthy of the best deeper-than-deep mind searching sessions.

The video that comes with this track is a representation of a science experiment where light particles act differently when observed through a microscope. It’s called the “double slit experiment,” and was visualized for this song by Void Visuals. Feel free to space out on that for a while.

With obvious influences like Bassnectar, Orbital, Burial, Nero, and Liquid Stranger, we’re eagerly awaiting more from this all-too-mysterious baron of bass. Make sure you keep your third eye on him by following his Soundcloud.

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