MORLY’s style is casually addicting. Think of it like this – you know when you first meet someone you might have a connection with? At first, there’s a few flirtatious smiles, but then you go about your day without a second thought. A few weeks later, you catch yourself thinking about them, wondering what they’re up to. After a few months, you find yourself completely smitten, unable to go the length of the day without fixating on them at some point. That’s MORLY’s music. And you can bet that after listening to “Plucky,” and the rest of her tunes, you’ll be gleefully adding them into your Favorites Playlist.

Released just a few days ago, “Plucky” is a delightfully well-constructed tune that effortlessly combines elements that are commanding and some that are beautifully understated. Light clicks and pops, engaging vocal harmonies, and ethereal synths come together in a way that’s both groovy, and emotive, ultimately leading you by the hand through a wildly unique listening experience.

You can find this tune in her upcoming EP, Something More Holy. If you’re into collecting vinyl, this EP will be combined one with her previous one, In Defense of My Muse, and released via Cascine on April 8th.

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