I do not usually watch the MTV’s Video Music Awards every year but this year I was interested in seeing the opening Michael Jackson Tribute performance. Michael Jackson was a prominent figure both in the world and in my personal life so his passing naturally brought great sadness to everyone that followed him. Soon djs and producers paid tribute to him remixing many of his songs to create new and exciting songs. However, especially with Michael Jackson’s songs, some of the best remixes are the ones that stay true to the mood and emotion of the original songs. Here are the best MJ remixes that just carefully enhance the very feeling of the original song to create a truly modern version.

By far, my favorite of them all is the remix that Derek Trueblood Riddle aka TGIK transformed Rock With You. The way the electronic melodies actually break and change as we pass through choruses and verses, give it a great synergy. The abrupt ending of the song is almost symbolic to how unexpected his death was.

‘Rock With You (TGIK remix) <3


Michael Jackson + Telepopmusik – Remember The Time (SLEEPER HEARTBROKEN REMIX)


Michael Jackson – Thriller (Louis La Roche Remix)


Sony has announced that it will be releasing a movie/documentary about the last couple of weeks of his life. The movie will be releasing on theatres across US Oct 282009 to which all procies will go to the Michael Jackson kids foundation. More here

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