TBMA - The Bolivian Marching Affair

Okay, I am SO stoked to be able to introduce these guys to you fellow Ninja readers! So without futher adue, here’s the moombahcore grind of The Bolivian Marching Affair [BTMA]:

Download: Kirss Kross – Jump (TBMA Remix)

’Kriss Kross – Jump (TBMA Remix)’

Yeah you liked that right?!! So the 3 guys hail from Boston and are pretty new to the EDM scene having only formed back in the winter of 2010. After releasing a few tracks, Play Me Records have wasted no time in snapping these fella’s up and releasing the hard hitting ‘Kriss Kross – Jump‘ moombahcore remix for free on their Soundcloud page.

So what’s the future hold for BTMA? They’ve got an EP “Are You Up For Getting Down”¬†coming out on Play Me on January 16 2012, which for me seems pretty far away, so I’m hoping they’ve got plenty of goodies to keep us occupied between now and then. But heck… just incase they don’t, here’s a few more tracks to keep you going!

Download: Britney Spears – I Wanna Go (TBMA remix)

’Britney Spears – I Wanna Go (TBMA remix).mp3′

Download: Alice Deejay РBetter Off Alone (TBMA Remix)

’Alice Deejay – Better Off Alone (TBMA Remix).mp3′

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