Around two months ago I was introduced to Gent & Jawns‘ “Holler” (Original Mix) and was immediately blown away. It’s a massively catchy song, full of booty-bouncing shakes and wobbles. Helped a little (ok, A LOT) by their collaboration with Diplo on his critically-acclaimed Express Yourself EP, Gent & Jawns seem to be having a good past couple of months.

“Holler” (Original Mix) can be found on Holler — an EP that solidifies this unstoppable duo’s position as one of the leaders of the massive moombah movement sweeping across every festival in the country. The Holler EP has another Gent & Jawns original called “Bugoff,” a big room-ready, 128 BPM sledgehammer of a track that is sexy and industrial at the same time. There are also two remixes included: Valentino Kahn‘s remix of “Holler” is a percussive masterpiece fattened and livened by tribal drums and horns, while David Heartbreak amps up the chorus to make it club-friendly.

If you are at all interested in the future of moombah, check out “Holler” (Original Mix) below and download the entire EP, out via Mad Decent/Jeffree’s, right here.

’Gent & Jawns – Holler (Original Mix)’
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