Summertime Bikini Dropper indeed! That is the only description under this Moombah banger’s Soundcloud page, and I agree that is all that is necessary. For those that are new to La’Reda, this duo, comprised of Brion Topolski & Nathan Barbour, are two electro house producers that are on a ridiculous spree of summer bangers. La’Reda has a good mix of electro sounds and underlying grooves that is the Latin-inspired moombah tone. Plus Ava Ali‘s vocals are a great subtle addition reminiscent of Yo-Landi Vi$$er vocals in Die Antwoord. Included below is another stellar track from La’Reda this summer, “Synthasorus Rex,” which, as you might’ve guessed, is heavy on the synth, blending smoothly as it moves from a fast pace progressive intro into a moombah drum style beat.

’LaReda – BoomBox Ft. Ava Ali (Original Mix)’
’LaReda – Synthasorus Rex’
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