The City of Angels continues to prove itself as one the top, if not the top, place for up-and-coming musicians. Yes, some will argue that Seattle and NYC deserve the top spot, but it’s nearly every day we come across an uber talented, attention-grabbing artist from Los Angeles. And, today continues to confirm our unscientific hypothesis, as we showcase a first listen through Motion Cntrl’s debut EP.

This synth-heavy duo garnered an appreciative nod from the blogosphere with their first single from their self-titled EP. “It’s On You” racked up a sizable amount of plays, and it’s not hard to hear why. An immediate comparison to The XX comes to mind when enjoying this artfully crafted tune, drawing on those associations with the synth-led, female/male lead singer duo. Their casual harmonies flirt perfectly with alternating verses from each of the lead singers, coming together in an extremely memorable and infectious manner.

Prior to “It’s On You,” fans can enjoy “Heavy Loss,” which kicks off this seven-song journey. Taking some time to build, it eventually draws them in with a flirtation, uptempo beat and warm, fluttering synths. Following that, tracks like “Messenger” and “Say When” highlight the duo’s softer side, boasting calming, lush, and textural soundscapes that pair perfectly with the subdued, filtered vocals.

We’re fortunate enough to bring you a full, top-to-bottom listen of this impressive EP before it’s released to the public. So, throw your headphones on, press play, and get ready to get lost in everything that is Motion Cntrl.

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