When you are down in the dumps, music can be the perfect amount of motivation you need to get right back up to solid ground . And sometimes, if you decide to stew in your own misery and turn on the “broken hearts club” playlist, it can drag you down right along with it. Funny how strong of a hold it has on us. We are basically putty in the hands of music. So whether you are having a good day or a shitastic one, let the indie dojo be your motivational speaker for the next 20 minutes. This particular list just happens to have a PowerPoint of positive vibes all prepared and ready to go….

’Allosaurus – You and I’
’Bronze Radio Return – Further On’
’Timid, the Brave – Metal’
’The Riverside – Times Goin”
’Owen Steel et al – Twig Eater’
’The Green Apple Sea – Please Slow Down’
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