Time does in fact fly when you’re having fun. But time also flies when you have a crap load of things to do. You know those days that feel like you were robbed out of the hours you needed to get shit accomplished. You glance at the clock, thinking you have all the time in the world, but really its time for you to close your eyes and move on to the next. Yup, it’s a crazy, hectic, face paced world we live in. However, no matter the premise of the day, whether it be a full day of funtastic hours or a faster then the speed of light blur, play a playlist or two during the passing time. It might help slow the roll and give you the time to appreciate the minutes in your day….

Download Zip: Indie Dojo August Round #3 [Mediafire]

The Eastern Sea – The Match
Sorcha Richardson – Alone
Holobody – Riverbed
The Peach Kings – Fisherman
Why Yes – Singing
Pebaluna – No, I Can’t
Railbird – Jump Ship



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