As the holidays fall upon us, the stress of finding the right gifts for our loved ones lingers over our heads and seeps into our wallets. If you’re looking for something cheap and meaningful, why not drop an Indie Dojo playlist in their lives? It’s free and gives the impression that it came right from your heart. And no matter if you are shopping for 1 or 50, we’ve got enough playlists for your sister’s cousins grandma’s best friend. Just head up to the menu bar at the top of this page, click “Playlists” —-> “Indie Dojo”, and you’ve got a bag full or goodies for all the little girls and boys.

’Southern – “World Don’t Shine”‘
’Reilly¬†Fitzalan – Your Stars’
’Jesse Davidson – Big Bois Gotta Eat’
’The Feathers – What If’
’Yourself In Peace – The Slavic Soul’
’Abram Shook – “Coastal”‘
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