Sure, the best things in life are often free but sometimes we have to pay a little something, something in order to make things a little better. We try to give you an abundance of free music here on the indie dojo playlists, but sometimes we have to contribute back to the indies by posting a non-downloadable Soundcloud link. So if you like it, go ahead and buy it. Same goes for the artists that are kind enough to share a free download or 2. Visit their facebook page, follow them on twitter, do whatever the social media revolution calls for. Ninjas helping ninjas. It sure is a beautiful thing.

’The Midwest Indies – The S That Stood for Nothing’
’Hunter Johnson
Gabe Goodman – Midnight Sour
’Penny and Sparrow – Creature’
’Owl Paws – Sunrise’
Moor Hound – Holiday
Maesa – Bells


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