indie-dojo-music-ninjaComplaining. We all do a lot of it. Probably enough to last us a lifetime and then some. So let’s try something different today. Let’s go a whole 24 hours without one complaint. Turn everything around with a positive twist and it might not be has hard as you think. To help serenade you through your challenge, we’ve got an Indie Dojo ready and waiting to throw a little sunshine and rainbows in your subconscious. Just remember, if you don’t like a song, don’t put that negativity out there. Either find something you like about it or change it and move on. No time wasted on something that can easily be changed…

’Sylvan Nesso – Hey Mami’
’Fickle Friends – SWIM’
’We Were Evergreen – Daughters’
’Caitlin Park – Baby Teeth’
’Stay Bless – Always’
’Luca – I’m Afraid’


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