It’s kinda funny to think about what little patience we have for technology nowadays. The second that hour glass or spinning beach ball of death make an appearance on our screen, it’s over. Profanities are yelled at an inanimate object with vicious clicks on mouses and gorilla fingers punching keyboards. Like that’s really gonna work. What we really need to do is see the moment of paralyzed technology as an opportunity to take a break from the web we have woven ourselves into. Sit back, relax, and play a song or two (if it’s not streaming of course). It feels good to set your brain free every once in a while….

Download Zip: Indie Dojo July Round #2 [Mediafire]

The Dig – Red Rose in the Cold Winter Ground
Anthony D’Amato – Ballad Of The Sleepless
Neil Halstead – Full Moon Rising
Jonathan Wilson – Can We Really Party Tonight?
Timothy Carroll – If I Were You
Natalie Prass – Earth Angel
Jake Campbell – Snow
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