They say there are many secrets to a successful relationship. Keyword being secrets. Some we learn and some we may never crack the code to. As music lovers, we all know that the key to our heart is through music. Whether a friendship or love interest, sharing a similar musical taste is always a plus in our world. Sometimes a deal breaker. So before investing your heart any further then it needs to be, send that person, friend or lover, an Indie Dojo. If they are highly impressed by your taste, the secret has been revealed. If they are unfamiliar with what they have just heard but seem curious to hear more, take that swag and run with it. Introducing new music can always be a turn on. If they laugh in your face, you know they just ain’t the one for you. Plain and simple. Ok, maybe a little extreme. Buuuut, there is nothing better than sharing a mutual love for something that makes your world go round. Pretty sure we can all agree on that.

Download Zip: Indie Dojo July Round #5 [Mediafire]

The Wilderness Of Manitoba – The Ark
Trails and Ways – Mtn Tune
Fort Frances – Falling Down
Northern Youth – Los Angeles
DRMS – With You
Will Johnson – You Will Be Here, Mine
Hayde Calnin – For My Help


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