indie-dojo-music-ninjaSpontaneity can be such a beautiful thing, yet we¬†get so wrapped up in our schedules, jobs, tasks, whatever, we ¬†sometimes forget to free up time for the wonderful unknown. Sure, its hard to break free from our security and predictable moments, but we could be missing out on something that will forever change our world for the better. So might we suggest starting off small. Like….Be spontaneous and dig deeper into an artist featured on the Indie Dojo. Who knows what might happen! You can like them so much you decide to scope out a show in your area, meet the person of your dreams in the front row, and ride off into the sunset with a mutual love for the same band. Hey….it’s totally possible. A beautiful world can be created in the simple spontaneity.

’The Acid – Basic Instinct’
’Husky – I’m Not Coming Back’
’Meadowlark – I’ve Got You’
’Hopium – Cut’
’Little May – Dust’
’Low Roar – Vampire On My Fridge’
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