It’s weird how it can feel like everyday is Groundhog’s Day. Repeating the same routine day, after day, after day…..after….day. But really, when we look back in time, things are never really the same. All the little unnoticed changes during our day to day living pile up to be one giant movement. Take the Indie Dojo for example….It might be here every Tuesday for weeks on end, but not one song nor artist will ever be the same. And by collecting all those little changes week by week, you have probably already expanded your music library annnnd music knowledge to epic proportions. So while these changes may be small in the whole scheme of things, they are still changes worth appreciating..

’Typhoon – Dreams Of Cannibalism’
’This Frontier Needs Heroes – “George Clooney”‘
’Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker – Fire & Fortune (Pete Flood remix)’
’Being Buffalo – Anselm’
’Amber – Noah’
’Jason Haberman & Golden Weekends – The Right Time’
’Goodnight, Texas – Lazybones’
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