In the digital era there are only a few of us left that still fork out the money to buy a physical CD. You know, those round shiny things that playback music when placed in a computer and/or CD player? But back in the day, when that was the only format to get music in your ears, judging an artist by it’s cover was sometimes the way to go. There was no previewing of any kind. Even if  you had no idea who the hell they were, if the album art looked cool, you would be more than likely to purchase it and try it out. It was a gamble to say the least, cause this purchase could be totally worth it or a total crap shoot. But it was the element of surprise that made it a habit. So even though we miss out on the experience of the unknown with streaming albums and free downloadable playlists, ya gotta admit its kinda nice to have no financial obligations or buyers remorse lingering overhead. Just a world wide web full of more samples than Costco on a Saturday afternoon.

’This Mountain – Desert’
He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister – Tales That I Tell
Milano Sun – If You Go Home Alone
Year of The Buffalo – Vagabond
Tall Heights – I Don’t Know, I Don’t Know
’Holly Miranda – Stand by me (Ben E King Cover)’
Happiest Lion – Harvester, Golden Gowns of Glee



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