indie-dojo-music-ninjaIn our lifetime, it’s inevitable we will be placed in many, many awkward and uncomfortable situations. It’s how we deal with that situation that really matters. For some of us, we’d rather crawl into a cave and avoid confrontation at all costs. For others, we take that shit head on. Cave dwellers take note. What more do we have to lose when we face that awkwardness like a Ninja? There is always a new day and one day, in the near or far future, we will probably look back and laugh. Hey…no pressure though…if you still feel like curling up into a ball until the moment passes, let the Indie Dojo be your security blanket. It’s the least we can do….

’I Know Leopard – She’
’Hannah EppersonĀ  – “Shadowless” (Prod. by STINT)’
’Eska – Gatekeeper’
Dustin Tebbutt – ‘Where I Find You’
’Wet – Dreams’
’mutual benefit – advanced falconry’
’Mandolin Orange – Haste Make’
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