Aren’t the first days of the new year always the best? Everything seems promising, the littlest things give you inspiration and the excitement of what’s to come is like opening Christmas presents all over again.  Sure, the stigma of the year 2012 has us preparing for the worst, but what better excuse to live the next year like it’s the last. Right? In short, it’s time to take this year like a champ. Tip: Use our playlists as the soundtracks to the movie of your life. It will give it more of that dramatic effect.

Survival – Alpines

’Survival – Alpines’

Brother – Matt Corby

’Brother – Matt Corby’

Can You Get To That – Stone Darling

’Can You Get To That – Stone Darling’

Like Water – Ladi6

”Like Water – Ladi6′

My Heart (WhoMadeWho Remix) – Wildbirds and Peacedrums

’My Heart (WhoMadeWho Remix) – Wildbirds and Peacedrums’

Au Port – Camille

’Au Port – Camille’

Down On You – Dems

’Down On You – Dems’

Where Is My Mind (Pixies Cover) – Sunday Girl

’Where Is My Mind (Pixies Cover) – Sunday Girl’
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