indie-dojo-music-ninjaWhen we focus on the million negative things that may get thrown at us in a day, we miss out on all the positive things that are going on around us. Some days might be little harder to find something to brighten it than others, but there is always something, no matter how simple it may be.  If you are having a hard time finding that something, we are more than happy to help. It’s been said that music is a very powerful healing tool. Put it in a playlist that is easy to access and who knows the powers it holds upon a crappy day. Hey…it never hurts to try…

’Whitley – My Heart Is Not A Machine’
’Nonaphoenix – Go’
’Nathaniel Rateliff
You Should’ve Seen The Other Guy’
’Dakota Melin – The Sea’
’Gondola Music – We Are the Map’
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