We aren’t always good with words. We’ve stumbled, stuttered, and shoved our foot in our mouth at least once in our lifetime. To spare the embarrassment, how awesome would it be if we could speak in song? Using other people’s lyrical talent to drive our conversation to something worth listening to. Like sending a love playlist to your secret crush. Throwing in those “freak in the sheets” songs in attempt to trigger their subconsciousness into crushing back….or being really creeped out. How about blasting that super loud “F you” song on your drive home from a job you hate? In love or hate, we’ve all tried to communicate through song. And if you happen to be a loss of words today, you’re in luck. We’re pretty confidant you could piece together a whole day’s conversation in the hundreds of Indie Dojo’s we’ve posted.

’Boxed In – Foot Of The Hill’
’Mating Ritual – Game’
’Death in the Afternoon – Let’s Talk’
’DamnRight! – Halo’
’And – French Alps’
’North Arm – LATELY’
’Zea and the Copper Children – Drugs & Liquor’
’Gravel Kings – Left Alone’
’Hey Rosetta! – Soft Offering (For The Oft Suffering)’
’Big Tree – Raise The Flag’
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