There’s so much great music to write about this week so I’ll cut short the deliberation and get straight into the explanation so you can kickstart your Sunday relaxation (or for those studying for finals, your procrastination).

Our first two tracks serve up some vocal delights from two artists hailing from Melbourne, Australia. “Weaving” is the second single from Jess Harlen’s sophomore album, Park Yard Slang, and it is nothing short of addicting. Those smooth beats and soulful voice instigate some serious replay, and it only gets better with every listen. The music video is also worth a watch, featuring some stunning shots of the urban New York environment. You should recall the sound of Chela from Goldroom’s “Fifteen” (considering we only post a different remix of it every second week), and “Full Moon” allows her gorgeous voice to shine at the forefront of this chill disco jam. More vocal goodness comes courtesy of Washington band, Brett, with Nacey’s remix providing some amazing vibes through that charming xylophone, an instrument which producers definitely need to utilise more, just like the cowbell. JNL is a favorite of the chill dojo, and released another infectiously smooth jam this week which is an absolute no brainer to download. Next up is an ambient experience from Belgian beatmakers, MonkeyRobot, who create an entracingly beautiful spacial vibe to give you that special drifting feeling. The astral ambience continues with Colorado native, Hollidayrain, delving outside his usual progressive style to deliver his first experiment into the area of chill. Your dose of chillstep this week is thanks to UK producer, Sizzlebird, who will definitely be a name that will continue to show up in the weeks to come given the standard of these tracks. Finally, our last feature this week pays tribute to the passing of renowned British house producer, Martin Dawson. We chose a track that was the most appropriately titled for the chill dojo, with an appropriately mellow remix from fellow Brit, Jay Shepheard. We honour his memory as we enjoy this stellar tune.

With all the formalities out the way, as always, play, download, chill. Peace out!

Chill Dojo #12 zip

’Weaving – Jess Harlen’
’Chela – Full Moon’
’Brett – Confidence (Nacey Remix)’
’Chelseas Apartment – Fathers Day Soundtrack (Unreleased)’
’Peace of Mind’
’Calling (Free Download)’
’Kaskade – Seeing Julie’
’Monitor 66 – Triscuits (Mattias Polanco Varadero Remix)’
’Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush Cover)’
’Deep Sound Express feat Raha – After Rain.mp3′
’Fancy Restaurant’
’Ariane Moffat Hotel Amour (Dubbel Dutch Remix)’
’Martin Dawson Sunday Smoking (Jay Shepheard remix) – Moodmusic’
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