So in case you didn’t know, Ultra was this weekend. If you’re reading this post on Sunday, it’s more than likely that you’re not there. If so, you have two options:

1. Continue to check your Facebook news feed and feel immense jealousy for your friends that are there and regret that you are not there.

2. Throw away your phone for the day, sit back, and relax to this ultra chill playlist instead.

If you’re still reading, congrats on picking option number two. Your prize is gracing your ears with standout track of the week, the smoothest remix of ‘Suit & Tie’ courtesy of Aussie beatmaker Ta-Ku. Funky beats and groovy synths will put all thoughts of raging festivals out of your mind, and make you wonder why JT never took this direction with the original to begin with. And while your mind is wandering away, make sure to soak up the next few serene selections, including a summer-infused Goldroom classic from Wax Nostalgic, and a slice of aural paradise from Swiss producer Dinka’s latest Closer EP. Rameses B hits us with some gorgeous liquid dnb, while Sizzlebird again showcases another beautiful feature, ‘Life Eclipse’ from his forthcoming Alive EP, which is sure to contain many more like it. Fellow UK dojo favourite, Maths Times Joy also previewed his stunning remix of DrDr, which blends those stunning vocals with magical swirling pads to perfection. There’s also some fresh trap reworks of big name tracks from Flume and Ellie Goulding, as well as plenty of unique beats to vibe to as always.

So forget about what everyone else is doing and whatever is going on at this point in time in the world. You’re hear now, so just enjoy the moment. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #29 zip

’Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie (Ta ku Remix)’
’Goldroom – Sweetness Alive (Wax Nostalgic Remix)’
’RÜFÜS – Take Me’
’Style Of Eye – Norway feat. Bessem’
’Dinka – Spring Valley (Original Mix).mp3′
’Rameses B – Meaning Of Life’
’Life Eclipse’
’DrDr – Addicted (Maths Time Joy Remix).mp3′
’Flume – Sleepless (The Ninetys Remix)’
’Ellie Goulding – Hanging On (Lex Supreme x Quality Remix)’
’Laura Mvula – She (Eagles For Hands Remix)’
’Major Lazer
Get Free feat. Amber Coffman (Blood Diamonds Remix)’
’H E A V E N S G A T E’
’Grooving on for Miles(ZurichTakes beat2)’
’Never Felt Real’
’Moods – Time To Move On (Breakout EP)’
’Looking Forward To’
’Greyhat & Finn – Submarine’
’CoMa – Wouldn’t It Be Good If It Was True (ENiGMA Dubz Mix)’
’nExow & JacM – Serenity’
’CMA & nExow – Lost Dreams’
’Rhye – 3 Days (Saux Remix)’
’Ra Ra Riot – When I Dream (Pacific Air Remix)’
’Comet (feat. BeuKes)’
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