If there’s one thing to look out for at this time of the year, it’s the re-emergence of summer disco vibes. Whether or not the influence of Daft Punk has sparked a disco revival in 2013, it’s certainly revealed that the demand for these soulful sounds is well and truly in the air. It won’t be limited to the dancefloors though, as the Chill Dojo gears up for plenty of funk-filled tunes on rotation.

And we’re kicking off this week in just that fashion, with a laid-back gem oozing with soul courtesy of Danish/German producer team Cool Million on the remix. The funky guitar rhythms and keyboard are seeped in 80’s style, but everything sounds amazingly fresh when all the elements combine. Coming in at 9 minutes, it’s one of the longest to ever feature on the dojo, but you’ll be too busy jamming along to even notice. We keep similar vibes flowing in our next track from a dojo newcomer in Sky Tony. With only 3 uploads on Soundcloud and 11 Facebook fans at the time of posting, there’s not much to reveal about this artist, but if he continues to produce infectious boogie magic like ‘Moves You Use’, these numbers are only going to climb. And while we’re talking all things groove, it’s hard to go past the latest remix from one of our favorites in Bit Funk as he puts his polished house production on full display. It’s time to wind things down now though, as there are plenty of slower downtempo jams to feature as well. The first comes from Greek duo WE SINK who are no strangers to the dojo, but have certainly stamped their name here with their downright sexy future sounds. The combination of gorgeous vocals and silky bass make for a certified baby-maker. It’s similar sentiments for this next one from Catching Flies in the wake of his upcoming EP. If you’re already digging the sultry elements of ‘Stay Forever’, the sax breakdown at 2:50 will have you melting into your seat. We finish this write-up with some much-loved chillstep, and it’s not often we have dubstep giants Zeds Dead gracing this humble playlist, but it’s the perfect time now with their latest, ‘By Your Side’, being the perfect fit. And of course, any mention of chillstep isn’t complete without some Sizzlebird, who has been releasing a steady stream of new material of late in the lead-up to his next EP, Avis Nocturna, with title track featured below.

It’s an exciting mix of classic and future sounds throughout this week’s playlist, all to be enjoyed in the present. But who’s really paying attention to time when you’re chillin anyway? Peace out!

Chill Dojo #39 zip

’Random Soul, Chuck Love – Another Day (Cool Million Vocal).mp3′
’Moves You Use’
’Night Drive – Drones (Bit Funk Remix)’
’White Lies (feat. Eski Göten)’
’Stay Forever (download: catchingflies.bandcamp.com)’
’Zeds Dead – By Your Side’
’Avis Nocturna’
’Fool Me Once’
’Tommy Jacob – too much 4 me’
’Fenech Soler – Magnetic (SaneBeats Remix)’
’Lockah x Taste Tester – U Don’t Know Me’
’Lane 8 – Be Mine.mp3′
’Debian Blak – Push It ft Kate Wolf (real remix) OUT NOW!’
’Ivies – Adapt – (DSTY Comp. Vol. 1)’
’Rhythum – Velvet Soul – (DSTY Comp. Vol. 1)’
’Tajan – 1986 – (DSTY Comp. Vol.1)’
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