This week we shed some light on some stellar late night tracks, and not the kind you’ll hear at a 4am recovery set in a seedy club. We’re talking about the kind of music you play lying in bed awake, contemplating the mysteries of the universe. Or love. Or the meaning of life. Or whatever other deep, complex stuff keeps you awake at night. Doesn’t matter. All that’s important is that the songs below are superb, so go lose yourself in their beauty.

After we posted about this track last week, it was really a no-brainer that it had to be at the top of the dojo. The recently formed electronic trio FLXXDS, consisting of well known artists Crywolf, Prfft & Svyable, and Gazzo,  have debuted with a stellar cover of City and Colour’s ‘Two Coins’. It’s truly a breathtaking remake of the iconic original that just oozes  emotion. Another artist that brings emotion like no other is dojo favourite Patrick Baker, and his latest single will have memories of summer come flooding back. His smooth voice has always been the talking point of his previous work, but the production in ‘Summer Lover’ shows this talented man really is the whole package. Kastle has been unstoppable lately, with week after week of mind-blowing material. This time he’s gifted us with a stunning remix of ‘Tessellate’ filled with his signature bassline groove that is Kastle at his very best. It’s been a little while since our latest fix of chill hiphop mixes in this playlist, and these edits of a couple of classics come courtesy of talented beatmakers in Maxo and Demouche. DJ AA returns with another bootleg blending together Rudimental, Bondax and Lorde in a way that just clicks.  We round off this write-up in the best way possible with more Ta-Ku magic, this time bestowing his masterful beats on a downtempo take on the big summer hit from LDRU.

One things for sure, you’ll be feeling this one. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #55 zip

Two Coins (City & Colour Cover)’
’Patrick Baker – Summer Lover’
’Ellie Goulding – Tessellate (Kastle Remix)’
’Maxo – PUPPET MASTER (Cypress Hill w. Dr. Dre).mp3′
’Demouche – 2pac X Smokesia’
’Not Giving In (AA Royals Bootleg).mp3′
’L D R U – The Tropics (TaKu Remix)’
’Pink Elephant
’IAMNOBODI – Elevated’
’Sweater Beats – Sippin”
’ASTR – Hold On We’re Going Home (Drake Cover)’
’Yumi And The Weather – All We Can (Vondelpark Rework)’
’Aaliyah – Rock the Boat (Carnizzy Remix)’
’Dino Soccio – Another Love’
’Kalai – Flare’
’Nova Casa – My Heart’
’Anna Kendrick – Cups (kataa REMIX)’
’Sizzlebird – Close Your Eyes (Feat. Laura Hahn)’


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