Make sure you’re wearing a thick coat for the start of edition 71 as dojo favourite Dinner Date brings us a new tune that’s so chill it’s frosty. Hauntingly beautiful percussion and guitar guide us through this wintry delight until the last minute where the melody comes into its own. You’ll want to have a toasty fire going while this one plays cos the cold runs deep. Continuing with the theme, next up is a super catchy take on RHCP’s classic jam ‘Snow’ from young Belgian Lost Frequencies. There’s a real tendency for producers to transform RHCP tracks into “festival bangers”, so it’s refreshing to hear a remix that avoids this temptation and takes things down a more mellow path, which is arguably a much more suitable style.  Ironically, this chill gem was discovered as a feature in a mix called ‘Sets on the Beach’, a new weekly playlist from DJ AA that is another essential destination in your weekly dose of relaxation. This next one is from there too, and much like our first two features it comes with the danger of frostbite. Washington producer Royal delivers a simply glorious remix of ‘Dirty Paws’, breaking down the indie hit into breathtaking downtempo ebbs and flows that you can’t help but sit back and marvel. And if you thought we couldn’t go any deeper, UK artist KAASI will push the limits of what is possible with some incredibly smooth vibes. We’re too busy dancing to keep descibing how good this song is, so just play it already. The body moving continues with this next feature from Melbourne duo Dividem who deliver a chilled cover of the 4 Strings dancefloor classic. The boys have certainly toned down this club anthem from it’s past glory days, but we’re happy to trade the sweaty nightclub scene of the original for a bit of laid back head-bopping goodness here. But if the cold has been a little too enduring so far, Wave Racer will turn things around with a blast of heat straight out of a blistering Australian summer. ‘Streamers’ is everything you love about the Sydney artist and more, so get set to bounce to this jam if you’re lucky enough to catch him on tour soon.

There’s plenty of warmth throughout the rest of the playlist as well, so get amongst it. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #71 zip

’Editors – Honesty (Dinner Date Remix)’
’RHCP – Snow (Lost Frequencies Remix)’
’Of Monsters and Men – Dirty Paws (Royal Refix)’
’KAASI – Caroline Street’
’Dividem – Take Me Away (Cover)’
’Wave Racer – Streamers’
’Wantigga – Like That’
’Peking Duk – Feels Like (Tom Budin Remix)’
’$aturn – Love You’
’Jeftuz – My Love’
’Cashmere Cat – Rice Rain (Twinztrack Remix)’
’Cashmere Cat – Party Girls ft Ludacris, Jeremih & Wiz Khalifa (Jeftuz Remix)’
’Honest (DJ Hoodboi & Arnold Remix)’
’Janet Jackson – All For You (Nick Wisdom Remix)’
’Giraffage – Mama’
’Loâzo – Sanae (Rework)’
’Gunn – Final Space Battle (Prelude)’
’Evil Needle – Sunset’
’Tom Misch – Lush Life’
’Moods – Rain Showers (The Dutch)’
’Moods – Drifting Along’
’Mr. Carmack – w/ donnis’
’AbJo – Oscillate’
’Klaves – Return’
’Ghosts of Paraguay – Once Again Feat CoMa’
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