Dojo number 79 is absolutely bursting at the seams with amazing music, and though they are all worthy of kind words, we can’t let time spent reading take away from that which could be used to discover it for yourselves. It also doesn’t help that this Naughty Boy bootleg from Jarreau Vandal has left us speechless within a few brief moments of listening. Smooth is one word that comes to mind…many times over. So, so smooth. Between the jazzy melody and sultry vocal edit, this has had some serious soul injected into its waveforms. If that hasn’t already brought a smile to your face, then this next one will have you grinning from ear to ear. Showing that age is no barrier, 16 year old Norwegian talent WRLD has sprung out of nowhere to stake his claim in the musical world of future bass. With a sound immediately recognizable to that of Wave Racer, your ears will have no trouble soaking this one right up. You’d do well to keep a close eye on this kid. Something that did escape our gaze before now is Druid Cloak’s super fun take on ‘Rice Rain’. Cashmere Cat material always makes for very interesting results, and this edit is up there as one of the best when it comes to great vibes and pure easy listening. The vocals of Patrick Baker are certainly something that evoke the same sentiment, so whenever a remix surfaces you best believe we’re quick on the draw. One mix that deserves your attention comes from aspiring producer Carnizzy, who has layered his version with a dreamy ambience and slick beat that suit the style of the original to a tee. To continue this trend of astounding young newcomers, 19 year old Canadian Elkoe announces his inception with tropical fanfare. The influences of Kygo and Thomas Jack are instantly identifiable here, and it seems a lot of the world took notice, because this Passenger remix has already seen his name sit atop the Hypem charts within a matter of days. That definitely won’t be a one-off occurrence either. And speak of the devil, Thomas Jack also gifted us with a more summertime glory overflowing with good feelings. The combination of his signature sound with the folk stylings of Benjamin Francis Leftwich has been a proven success in past, so this take on ‘Snowship’ only continues to build on this winning formula. Once you start with the summer sounds, it’s really hard to stop, so it’s lucky that Robotaki is feeling these same urges and has made very good use of these Miami Horror stems. This word gets thrown around in just about every write-up at least once, but this is the track is our honorary jam for the week. Face it, you’re already singing along aren’t you? Great songs inspire great covers, and this piece of disco magic from killer French duo J-Art and Madan is an absolute gem. Paola Bennet has done a stellar job with ‘Pompeii’, and together with the production work from these two, the results are mesmerizing. The list of stunning music goes much further than this though, with new tunes from Slumberjack, Just A Gent, Lazerdisk, CRNKN and Empia. This would be a far greater wall of text if we gave every one of them the feature they deserve.

What we can give them though is plenty of plays, and that’s something we strongly advise with this list. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #79 zip

’Naughty boy ft. Sam Smith – Lalala (Jarreau Vandal 6K followers BOOTLEG)’
’WRLD – If U Wanna’
’Cashmere Cat – Rice Rain (Druid Cloak Broke’d N Cloak’d EDIT)’
’Patrick Baker – Control (Carnizzy Remix)’
’Passenger – Circles (Elkoe Remix)’
’Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Snowship (Thomas Jack Remix)’
’Miami Horror – Real Slow (Robotaki Remix)’
’J Art & Madan feat. Paola Bennet – Pompeii (Bastille Cover)’
’Slumberjack – Sprinter feat. Sable’
’Fortaque – Just a Gent’
’Step Rockets – Kisser (Lazerdisk Remix)’
’Peking Duk – High (CRNKN REMIX)’
’Empia – Over the Edge (feat. Jugu)’
’Two Can – Fire’
’Kruisemode – Closer feat. Mike Knight (WE SINK Remix)’
’Temptations – Cloud Nine (FKJ Remix)’
’Prizm x Nelly Furtado – Say It Right’
’Salt Ashes – Somebody (Satin Jackets Remix)’
’Zeni – Don’t Worry (Original Mix)’
’Bon Iver – Babys (Urban Contact’s Summer Soul Remix)’
’Wadsworth – Summertime Dreaming (Jimmis Remix)’
’London Grammar – Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me (LCAW Remix)’
’M83 – Wait (Kygo Remix)’
’Historical UFO Society (Sufjan Stevens Flip)’
’Pharrell Williams – Lost Queen (WET PAINT Remix)’
’Zikomo – I Know I Will’
’Brown Sugar (IAMNOBODI Remix)’
’Kount × Harrison – Knight Life’
’Harrison – How Can It Be (Feat. Maddee)’
’Kilter – They Say’
’AU8UST – Volcano (Prod. by CRNVL)’
’Stumbleine – Polka Dots’
’Hayden James – No Time (Tobiahs edit)’
’Generation Blue (Ricky Eat Acid Remix)’
’RKCB – Comatose (AARMAXX Remix)’
’Tayenda – Sphère’
’Evil Needle – RendezVous ft. Sivey (Joe Kay’s Slowed Edit)’
’Paisley – Truth’
’OSLO – Mourners (ft. Monika Cefis)’
’El. Train – Clouded Visions’
’Daktyl – Do Without (Feki Remix)’
’Bryzone – Trial Run Feat. Jenny Mayhem’
’Grifta – Patterns’
’vestige – polaroids.’
’fxrxvxrpxlx – VX O’
’Da P x Tigerblood – Rock U (SevnthWonder Edit)’
’Tom Day & Monsoonsiren – Elegiac (Leaks Remix)’
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