Get set for an edition stacked with vocal delights and enough groove to last well through the week. German pair Gamper & Dadoni have been building momentum with each successive release this year, and their latest remix might just be their best yet. We were calling game over when Oliver Nelson and Tobtok unleashed their version of the Naughty Boy hit single, but this dance-floor igniter looks to have the final say on the matter. With all the trimmings of their signature style, the duo have re-invented this track to give the original a run for its money. Speaking of remakes, Sam Smith’s cover of ‘How Will I Know’ is another fitting tribute to an iconic piece of music history, and this deep house touch from London’s Chris Meid serves to accentuate the emotion even further. Again, it’s summer melodies and sax which are the heroes of this effort, bestowing a heavy sense of nostalgia on every line of these well-known lyrics. There is equal praise for the original works released this week as well, and Toronto’s Tep No caught our attention with this tune which is ready-built to be a summer anthem. The folks at SuicideSheep are always on point with their selections, and to have this picked up by their label, Seeking Blue, is a testament to the potential of both this song and the artist behind it. It’s not hard to picture the vivid image of festival crowds swaying in the afternoon heat, soaking up the feel-good vibes encapsulated here. French Kiwi Juice is no stranger to these kind of feelings, and every track posted from his recent Take Off EP has been oozing the sexy smoothness he’s famous for. This week’s reveal was ‘Higher in Love’, and as the name suggests, it’s one to share with that special someone for sure. We couldn’t end this week’s proceedings without a good dose of the tropics, and luckily dojo-favorite Manila Killa is happy to oblige with something truly beautiful. If this marks what he’s capable of at just 21 years of age, then we can’t wait to hear how his craftsmanship continues to evolve in the future to come.

As for now, that’s another edition in the books, but we’re steadily creeping towards a milestone of our own. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #94 zip

’GAMPER & DADONI feat. DNKR – The La La La Remix’
’Sam Smith – How Will I Know (Chris Meid Remix)’
’Tep No – It’s Alright ( feat. Lizz Kellermann )’
’FKJ – Higher In Love feat. Damon Trueitt’
’Dawn Golden – All I Want (Manila Killa Remix)’
’Fractures – Won’t Win (Japanese Wallpaper Remix)’
’Sam Smith – ‘Stay With Me’ (Prince Fox Remix)’
’Full Crate x Mar – Man x Woman (GANZ Edition)’
’indoors – Everyday Adventures (ft. sleepytimejesse)’
’Salt Cathedral – Tease (Kodak to Graph Remix)’
’VOYAGEUR – Pharaohs (The NEF Project Remix)’
’Kiesza – So Deep’
’Hatch – Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Roy Ayers Cover)’
’3LAU feat. Bright Lights – “How You Love Me” (JUSTice Remix)’
’Kanye West – Good Life (SevnthWonder Remix)’
’Pierce Fulton – As You Were’
’EVVY – Collide (Keljet Remix)’
’POOM – LES VOILES (Moi je Remix)’
’Back Back Forward Punch – Solid Gold (Pat Lok Remix)’
’Chordashian – Skyscraper Souls Feat. Freedom Fry (Citizen Select Remix)’
’Danny Darko – Butterfly (Tontario Remix)’
’Bad Suns – We Move Like The Ocean (Sebastian Carter Remix)’
’Robin Thicke, Felon & Isla – Get Her Back (AA ‘Isla’ Bootleg)’
’Cesare – Chill Love Feat. Resin Moon’
’Lemaitre – High Tide (Avenue Remix)’
’FloFilz – jazzchains’
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