Well Ninjas, another week has passed and as tantalizing thoughts of the upcoming weekend begin to seep into your train of thought it is time again to embrace your weekly dosage of trance. As we stated last week, trance is a genre, which has served as the foundation for some of the largest and most successful names in the EDM. Noted for its 8-bar patterns and hypnotic melodies, trance music speaks to its listeners on a profound emotional level. So without any further ado, lets take some time on this fine Thursday to enter a state of trance.

This week our playlist begins featuring the newest massive tune “Must Be The Love” from BTArty  and Nadia Ali. This track is a spectacular representation of trance at its finest; intense build-ups and meticulous breakdowns from two trance legends intertwined with premier vocalist Nadia Ali’s sensual verses. Next, we have Gai Abutbul’s remix of Ruben De Ronde’s track “Fjords”. Gai’s remix exemplifies the light and dreamy sensation of expertly crafted trance melodies overlayed atop rythmic up-tempo drums. Miss Nine’s latest effort “Stranger” featuring Kyler England is a great selection illustrating  the progressive  aptitude of trance as a genre. Other notable tracks are Tritonal’s mashup of their tune “Broken Down” with Ost & Meyers “Antalya” as well as New Hero’s remix of W&W’s “Moscow” which are both available for free download. Enjoy.

’BT, Arty & Nadia Ali – Must Be The Love (Original Mix)’
’Ruben De Ronde – Fjords (Gai Abutbul Remix)’
’Miss Nine Ft. Kyler England – Stranger (Original Mix)’
’Nu NRG – Last Experience (Photographer Bootleg Remix)’
’Tritonal vs Ost & Meyer – Broken Antalya (Tritonal Mashup)’
’W&W – Shotgun (New Hero Remix)’

And if the tracks above aren’t enough to satiate your desire for trance  then make sure to jump over and  listen to Armin Van Buuren’s weekly broadcast A State of Trance Ep. 579. Click the “listen now” on the page to download the stream, playable through iTunes.

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