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2010 has seen the breakthrough of countless one-word name bands. To me, it seems they’ve all been slightly hyped by NME, iTunes etc but have very little to show for it. I’ve ignored them if I’m honest. However, I think with Los Angelians Warpaint, there may be a pearl in the sea of one-word pretenders. They’ve just released their debut album, the Fool, and the second track on it is the eponymous Warpaint. It starts of sinister and soaring, and could be the start to something by the likes of Bon Jovi. However as soon as soon as Emily Kokal starts singing, it’s the xx that are brought to mind, and Warpaint have actually supported them on tour. Now I don’t want to label Warpaint as the next xx, because quite simply they aren’t – their style is more upbeat and far less minimalistic, but it’s certainly from the same foundations, just with their own unique take on it – and it’s a take that you can expect to hear a lot of in the coming years.

Warpaint – Undertow

’Warpaint – Undertow’

Leave it to the electronic dreampop melodies of Blackbird Blackbird to make this song even more surreal in their recently released remix:

Warpaint – Undertow (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)

’Undertow (Blackbird Blackbird Remix).mp3′

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