Is it just us or is Spinnin’ Records making some moves away from their usual grind? Take Buku‘s new EP, No Dramas, for instance. The Pittsburgh bass producer put out a four track project through the label, and it is certainly not what you would expect to be in Spinnin’ Records’ catalog.

“Terminal” opens the EP in a manner that you would expect to come from a song released by this label. It’s a cool single, but things really turn up when “No Dramas” comes next with its heavier sound. “Front To Back” keeps up the half-time groove but shifts the sound to a whole new territory. Lastly, “I Can” comes with its dirty trap sound. Overall, No Dramas is a diverse EP that is strong from start to finish. It makes it even better that you can download it for free. That’s right, now you have no reason not to get it for yourself.

’Buku – Terminal’
’Buku – No Dramas’
’Buku – Front To Back’
’Buku – I Can’
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