English producer Glacci is back at it again with Terrorhythm Recordings. Previously Kyle Cook, now Glacci, the Nottingham resident brings with him a six track EP that is stocked with numerous sounds from his home country. Glacci keeps his style present throughout the project, that takes from a range of influences, from breakbeat to a form of grime driven by soft synth instrumentals without lyrics.

You’re not going to find much like Lucid in America, although you can here influences from the sounds that have taken over the USA. Glacci offers up productions that are unique, while still managing to give us something similar enough to other works that it’s not so far out of our ear’s comfort zone. Favorites off the project include “Oracle” and “Silver Stream.” The Lucid EP has been released through Bandcamp, where you may purchase the project.

’Glacci – Cerulean Cloak’
’Glacci – Oracle’
’Glacci – Lucid’
’Glacci – Reflector II’
’Glacci – Silver Stream’
’Glacci – Firebrick’
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