LUMBERJVCK is one of the premiere young bass producers in the game right now. There’s a reason he’s currently touring with 12th Planet to celebrate SMOG’s anniversary, and that same reason is why Bassrush decided to launch their label with his new EP, Dendrology.

Dendrology is a five track project that Bassrush pushed out for free to celebrate their label launch. Collaborations on the project include a song with Minesweepa, as well as a major – and I mean MAJOR – collab with Evol Intent and Twin Moons aka Le Castle Vania. With the first track, we get an Eastern influenced hybrid single that sets an interesting vibe for the rest of the EP outside the outro, which strays a bit from this sound. From here we get two tracks that share LUMBERJVCK’s more traditional, heavy sound; one that he played extensively at his Richmond show that I attended last week.

Then, we come to “Chapel Oak,” the massive single I mentioned earlier. Even if you don’t like drum & bass, you’re going to love this. There’s no escaping the high-octane energy that this one has. Lastly, LUMBERJVCK brings back the trapstyle sound with the closing song “Rosewood.” All in all, this EP does justice to LUMBERJVCK’s catalog, as well as the launch of Bassrush. Don’t sleep on getting this free project.

’LUMBERJVCK – Monkey Puzzle’
’LUMBERJVCK & MineSweepa – Dragon Blood’
’LUMBERJVCK, Evol Intent & Twin Moons – Chapel Oak’
’LUMBERJVCK – Rosewood’
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