Every time we post a single, we label the song with the genre that pertains to it. Sometimes a song dips into a couple styles, usually by mixing up the drum pattern. The thing with Major Lazer and Bad Royale‘s “My Number” is that they move things around so much, that we had to label it as multi-genre.

“My Number” kicks things off with a reggae sound that will get even the soberest of listeners to roll up and spark up the ganja. From their they move into the drop where we are met with a top-shelf drop that really echoes sounds from Bad Royale’s catalog. Two more styles come to the fold of this composition, but we’re going to leave those as surprises for you. We would say because that’s half the excitement, but no matter if you know what’s coming or not, the excitement is all the same. “My Number” is a special tune that you CANNOT sleep on. Stream it, buy it; share it with your friends.

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