The new video for “I Will Wait” is absolutely stunning, full of breathtaking views of both Mumford & Sons and the rapturous crowd at Colorado’s beautiful outdoor Red Rocks Amphiteatre. The song itself is a slice of well-crafted poignancy, and the video, directed by FRED&NICK, only heightens its emotional breadth. It’s brilliantly shot, giving an intimate, close-up look at the band’s performance, while also showing just how far the English folk group has come — there are literally swaths of people completely overcome by the song. Honestly, seeing that large mass of fans clapping and jumping around ecstatically gave me chills. It’s true what they say, music really has the power to inspire and move.

Below is the recorded version of “I Will Wait”. Mumford & Sons new album Babel comes out September 24th on Glassnote.

’Mumford & Sons: I Will Wait’
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