Ella On The Run
Walk Away

When we caught up with Ella On The Run earlier this year, she had released her incredible EP ‘Undone’, featuring tracks such as ‘Walk Away’, and her unique version of ‘All that she wants’ by Ace of Base. Her sultry alt/ pop sound consists of infectious beats and melodies, and spacious, alluring lyrics, which have crowned her “queen of of the alt-pop block”, according to Wonderland.

Now, having been working with award winning video director Rafe Gibbon, (recently notable for Will Joseph Cook’s ‘Take Me Dancing’ video), Ella On The Run has released her mesmerising new music video ‘Walk Away’. Questioning forbidden love and temptation – “Could we be lovers, more than friends?”, she conveys a hypnotically intriguing story and image of colour and pattern, which combines perfectly with these complex beats and alternative synth sounds. The mirrored profile of Ella On The Run singing, cleverly interlinks with the harmonies within ‘Walk Away’, as if conveying two separate voices, questioning her internal desire and passion. This theme is carried through the verses and pre-chorus until the track throws us into an up-beat chorus of fervent synths, accentuated by distorted patterns and manipulated images.

Be sure to check out this video for ‘Walk away’ below, and to familiarise yourselves with her formidable EP!

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